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Framed by mountains and lochs, the Highlands of Scotland are a a spectacular landscape to paint. The light and colours are forever changing and capturing this elusive quality is something Katherine strives for in her artwork.  In her large oil paintings she uses big brushes and sweeping energetic strokes to try and capture the energy and rhythm of the sea or a sky. 

Her smaller watercolours evoke a sense of calm, where the colours are more muted representing the principles of harmony, balance and unity. 

Katherine Sutherland took an interest in art from a very young age. She felt more at home in the art department than anywhere else in the school. This love of the arts continued throughout her nurse training in Edinburgh – where she found herself spending more time in art galleries than in the lecture theatre. Marriage and motherhood did nothing to lessen her enthusiasm and, in 2014, she took a leap of faith and concentrated on painting full-time. Now she enjoys the daily challenge of devoting her time to a profession she loves . 

Kathy’s oil paintings are an emotional response to what she sees in the natural landscape – a poetic expression, a state of mind, rather than a photographic copy of nature. Kathy’s watercolours visually describe a sense of place both imagined and visited. They create connectivity through the use of colours and shapes. Her watercolour sketchbooks are a visual diary celebrating the beauty and peace found in nature.

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