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13 Moons

Lynn Bennett-Mackenzie

An established Scottish artist, Lynn Bennett-Mackenzie creates original artworks. Born and brought up in the rural Highlands, Lynn's work is a unique reflection of her life, experiences and environment in which she has lived.  She uses a variety of media takes inspiration from various elements - the natural environment, folklore, sense of place. 


She has exhibited widely and taken part in several community and international projects including The Big Picture, Wild Wood , Landfill art,  an International Art Symposium in Russia and co-founded and organised Ceangal, a series of international artist residencies in the NW Highlands.  She has travelled and worked in India  several times and has strong  international connections, in particular with the YATOO organisation in S Korea, participating in the pilot project for the Global Nomadic Art Project in 2014. 


Lynn was the first NTS Artist in residence at the world renowned Inverewe Garden in 2017 and the first  Art co-ordinator there – working closely with the team to embed the arts in the Garden, wider community and develop and build the art spaces and networks on the Estate and beyond. 


Visions - peat, wax, oil on canvas - 81 x 40cm 2023.jpg


Peat, wax, oil on canvas                     



Cailleach II                      Shetland wool                 £345



13 wee moon                                                   

Peat, wax, acrylic on canvas               


An da Shealladh - pen, ink, watercolour on paper - 35 x 25.5 cm - 2021.jpg

An da Sealladh

Pen, ink, watercolour on paper                      


Ogham - 57 x 76cm - pen, ink, watercolour on paper 2023.jpg


pen, ink, watercolour on paper                       



Time Piece                                                 

mixed media                                       



Many moons III                                         

Acrylic/oil on canvas                          


Seeing stars - pen, ink, watercolour on

Seeing stars                                                 

Pen, ink, watercolour on paper          


Minch man - pen, ink, watercolour, conte, silver leaf on paper - 45 x 58 2023.jpg

Minch man                                                 

pen, ink, watercolour on paper                      


Flow - oil on canvas 175 x 100 cm 2017.jpg


Acrylic/oil on canvas                          


Selkie - pen, ink, watercolour on paper - 41 x 55cm - 2023.jpg


pen, ink, watercolour on paper           

£ 695

Many moons II - Pen, ink, watercolour, silver leaf on paper - 81 x 60cm - 2023.jpg

Many moons II                                         

Ink and watercolour                           


Bliss - Acrylic, oil, wax, gold leaf on


Acrylic, oil, wax on canvas                 


13 moons - pen & ink on paper - 47 x 56cm 2023.jpg

13 moons                                                     

Pen & ink on paper                            


The tick tick tock of the Ogham clock - pen & ink on paper - 40 x 54cm 2023.jpg

 the tick tick tock, of the ogham clock     

Pen & ink on paper                            



There is no beginning…      Pen & ink on mountboard             £650


Resurgence Pen & ink on paper     £695


Ogham table & chairs        

painted formica top table, lazy susan, wooden chairs – ( in everyday usage by the artist)

- words by Rowan M Mackenzie                     



Moon table                           

painted folding table                                       


Greetings cards                   

available in the museum shop  A6 - £3 , A5 handprinted £4

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