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Artist: Catherine Sargeant

Exhibiting: Sept & Oct 2022


seeskysea is a body of paintings and altered books based on the changing sky and sea. During her time in Badantional, Gairloch, Catherine observes the horizon, documenting the changing sky and sea over different days, weeks, months, seasons.  


Initially painting and collaging over old books to document these differences, words are left revealed in the form of erasure poetry.  These altered books are the inspiration for the finished paintings in various materials; oil, acrylic, ink, resin and pigments. The edited words are then interweaved in the paintings or their titles, resulting in images that might simultaneously calm and question
the viewer.

Catherine Sargeant painting in Badininal studio small.jpeg

Catherine Sargeant is a visual artist based in Edinburgh who uses text in her artworks. Graduating from Edinburgh College of Art during its Centenary year she became the first recipient of WASPS new graduate award. Along with her art practice Catherine tutors at Leith School of Art and is a professional member of the Society of Scottish Artists. 

Artwork from seaskysea

To view the artwork, please click in to our online gallery below.

NWT 8_8-hoped for_ D44cm_Catherine_Sargeant3068.jpg

If you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork, please contact the Museum (contact information below). 


For more details about Catherine and her artwork visit 

stillness CS.jpg
desire CS.jpg
squall CS.jpg
sound CS.jpg
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