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Upper Gallery July & August 2023
Landscape of Scotland - Gairloch and the Western Isles 

Sheena Graham

Sheena has a diploma in Interior Design from the Glasgow College of Building  and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Creative Arts.  She worked in the family technology business she set up with her husband Iain in 1986 until it was sold in 2008.   The family have a home in Badachro, with connections to Gairloch going back generations through Iain’s family.


Sheena is inspired by the natural world, its life forms, geology and landscape - her artwork an expression of what she sees and feels about a particular subject.  Working predominately in oil and watercolour, her interest in the natural world stems from childhood holidays spent around farms for long periods of time, mostly in the wild landscapes of the North West Highlands.  


Her paintings in this exhibition capture the coastal landscapes and the peat and heather moors around  Gairloch and the Western Isles,  with more than a nod to the passage of time and tide. For her pastel artwork, Sheena made her own soft pastels, burning peat and gathering the bright rusty iron oxide ash from the fire, mixing this with gum arabic to generate the rich autumnal tones.

For further information about Sheena and her art, please visit:-


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