The Outdoor Museum

Gairloch Museum has a great location, elevated on a raised beach, looking out over the loch. It sits just below a prehistoric settlement and the more recent 19th century road to Poolewe. 

We are determined to make the most of this superb location - and the opportunities it presents for sharing the stories about the area's history, geology and people. 

We're therefore embarking on a project that will enable us to celebrate and share these stories - all in the outdoors. 

Can you help us reach our goal?

The Outdoor Museum Project will not all happen at once - which is why we're looking for your support to help us realise the full potential that our location offers.  We're aiming to raise £20,000 to help us complete Phases I and II of this new project.

In front of the museum we plan to: 

  • construct a flight of steps (built from the concrete cut outs of the old bunker)

  • create disabled access

  • form a paved area/view point

  • describe the local geology 

  • relate the history of fishing, detailing its importance for the local economy 

  • add actual rock samples to help tell the geological story

Behind the museum we plan to: 


  • construct a level area with picnic benches 

  • create an improved entrance to the Achtercairn Archaeology Trail 

  • upgrade the first section of pathway to the first roundhouse 

  • install interpretation to relate the story of the settlements

  • form an area where we can construct a replica of a roundhouse, a project where volunteers can participate in its construction.


The raised beach dates from the last Ice Age and the museum sits close to the boundary between the metamorphic rocks forming the hills behind and the newer (but still ancient) Torridonian sandstone that forms the shoreline.

Our target for fundraising is £20,000. This is made up of £10,000 to replenish Museum funds already drawn on to start Phase I and £10,000 for Phase II. 

Phase I 

Has received planning consent and building work is due to start in mid-February on: -  improvements to archaeology trail

​- infrastructure and interpretation infront of the museum

installation and repair work to foghorn (already completed)


Phase 2 

Is being scoped and planned. It will include:

- building a replica of a roundhouse behind the museum 

- installation of rock samples to help relate the geology of the local area (in front of the museum, below the A832)

We are grateful to Art Fund, the Postcode Local Trust, the Nineveh Trust, the Wolfson Foundation and the Hugh Fraser Foundation for helping to get us started on this ambitious project.