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We are sharing some of the interesting, beautiful and bizarre objects from our collection online. So take a seat, make a cuppa and dive in ...

The SS Mabel - length 13.7 metres, built in 1882, brought to Loch Maree in 1883 

SS Mabel.jpg

The SS Mabel  was built in 1882, and originally brought to Loch Maree in 1883 by Mr Hornsby, owner of both the Gairloch and Loch Maree Hotels. She provided tourists with a wonderful tour of the "Queen of Highland Lochs" and also functioned as a ferry between its eastern end, at Kinlochewe (Ceann Loch Iu - the head of Loch Ewe), the Loch Maree Hotel and Tollie Bay. The small steamship remained in service until 1911, when she was moored up beside Loch Maree Hotel. Her remains were visible as late as 1937.

Listen to this 10 minute podcast, all about the
SS Mabel and her journey to Loch Maree. 

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